FAB SERIES replaceable cartridge system



It all started with having to carry extra parts just in case something broke on the trail.

FAB SERIES® by Rare Parts Inc was designed to offer a few different things:

  1. The cartridges are easy to replace on the trail if a cartridge wears out.

  2. Depending on the steering system you build, one cartridge can replace all four points. You don’t have to carry 4 tie rod ends to be prepared.

  3. Unlike a tie rod end, if you unscrew one on the trail, you’ll have to reset toe on the trail. What a pain! The Rare Parts cartridge design can simply be unscrewed without effecting the center to center of the tie rod assembly and/or the drag link.

  4. Like most wheelers, many of us start small and soon get bit by the bug. Every time you get back from the trail you add something new to the list, right? This cartridge system will easily convert to a high steer configuration by simply unscrewing the cartridge from one direction and threading it in from the opposite. This is especially true for those who run JK forgings that can’t be flipped or the famous ES2233L with the tapered hole for the drag link that needs to come out towards the front of the vehicle. No need to flip the forging, just unscrew the cartridge and thread it in from the opposite direction.

The benefits are endless. We hope you’ll enjoy the versatility of the cartridge system.